10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Rebrand.

Mike Carney

PixelTree Media has now officially launched it’s branding arm of the company. Projects include everything from a simple logo design through to a full company brand and rebrand. Branding is essential for every company, it’s what you pride yourself on, but when it comes to rebranding, there are hundreds of reasons why a company should consider a rebrand.

Here’s our top ten reasons why you should consider a rebrand.


1. You wish to appeal to a wider customer base.

Appealing to a wider customer base may make up for a possible loss of business from existing clients. If you are revamping or re-launching your company, you may want to appeal to customers outside of your current consumer base; rebranding would help to engage with the new customer base.












2. You have launched a new product, service or sector.

Launching a new product, service or sector in your business is a fantastic and exciting period for your company but changes in market conditions can put the company’s existence under threat.

Your company needs to not only represent existing products and services, but use it’s branding to represent new ones in order to remain relevant to its clients.
















3. You wish to differentiate from competitors.

Although life would be easier without competitors, they are a huge part of your company and effect crucial decisions on a daily basis. There is always a unique selling point, something that makes your business different from your competitors, this needs to be communicated through your brand.

If your brand is iconic, bold and communicates what you do…great, BUT do you have a competitor whose message is very similar to yours? This could cause all sorts of problems when communicating your brand message to your customers.

If a brand is not truly unique within its field, there is risk of potential clients confusing your company for another. If they have had a bad experience elsewhere your reputation could be at stake.












4. You have a lack of customer engagement.

If your brand is forgettable or lacks customer engagement all of your money and time spent on marketing is wasted. This may be the right time to assess why your customers are not engaging with your brand and hire a design agency (like PixelTree Media) to create an effective brand solution.


5. You’re experiencing a lack of clarity and consistency.

As your company grows, you may acquire different services from different consultants, which along the way have gone off brand.

If your brand is not consistent why have one at all?

This comes back to the confusion that some companies have between and BRAND and a LOGO. They are NOT THE SAME THING!

A logo is the mark that is used to represent your company name. A brand is any resource that is used by your company to engage with your consumer base.

When you listen to a song on the radio that you’ve not heard before, you will recognise the artist by their style of singing. This links directly to your company’s brand. You want your consumer to instantly recognise that they are viewing YOUR products or services.




















6. A change in leadership.

Successful company leaders have a clear vision of the direction they wish their company to take. They recognise the importance of their company values and the reflection of these two vital visions through their company branding.

If your company has recently experienced a change in leadership, your company’s brand and values should reflect each other successfully to avoid conflictions.


7. Your current brand has a poor reputation.

Of course not all companies are successful 100% of the time, and in some cases develop a bad reputation; this, for some business owners could be the end of the road, but one major solution that could be activated is a rebrand.

When a company with a poor reputation rebrands, it re-engages with its existing consumer base and ensures that all negative connotations with the existing brand are dispelled.



8. Your current brand is out-dated.

This is definitely the number 1 reason to rebrand. If your brand doesn’t adapt to an ever- changing world your company may fall behind the competition.












9. Your company values have changed fundamentally.

In the ever-changing world that we live in companies will adapt to trends, for example, the current trend to become more environmentally friendly.



10. Your business has expanded beyond its original scope.

A company rebrand may not only change because you have experienced growth, it may also enable future growth. If your company has grown further/faster than you expected, fantastic that’s great! but your branding may only speak to the small demographic that you initially targeted.  A rebrand will help your company to successfully communicate with past, present and future consumers in one phase.


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