Carlsberg Export Rebrand.

Mike Carney


Carlsberg Export has followed the example of other companies by re-branding itself through an emphasis on its Danish roots, most likely to keep in touch with them and stand out in the British Market.

Founded in 1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the first export to Edinburgh, Scotland taking place in 1868.




Inspired by the Danish flag, the new brand moves away from the green that we’ve come to recognise Carlsberg for, and now leans more towards a copper and white colour palette. As can be seen, the minimalist nature of this re-brand is very in keeping with the current trends, and helps to bring Carlsberg Export into a more modern era. The old brand wasn’t outdated by any means, but this new look certainly appeals to a more wider audience, myself included.

This re-brand also succeeds in bringing to light it’s Danish and Nordic culture, with simple features like the slash across the ‘O’ alluding to the Danish alphabet. Other examples include the wood effect that is now being utilised across the new packaging, which identifies as the materials used in modern Danish design.



In a world of distracting colours on beers trying to jostle their way into our shopping trolleys, this removes that distraction and helps to show-off a more refined brand. Being a lover of Carlsberg since I was old enough to get away with pretending I was 18, this new re-brand certainly has a welcome place in my heart/stomach and I’m excited to see where, or indeed what this will lead to.

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