How to Create a Stand Out Christmas Digital Campaign.

James Hamilton

How to Create a Stand Out Christmas Digital Campaign


The festive season is almost upon us, or as Coca Cola puts it, ‘#holidaysarecoming.’ Already, shops are lining the aisles with decorations, playing those Christmas tunes and imploring us to ‘buy now before it’s too late.’

Yes, the seasonal campaigns have started and if you want to make sure yours truly stands out, it’s time to get planning. As you’ll know, there’s no shortage of offers, sales, promotions and giveaways at this time of yearso making sure you have a clear plan of attack is a must.

To help, we’ve put together the following tips to provide some guidance on how to create a stand out christmas digital campaign.


Get personal

If you can empathise with your audience’s key pain-points, they are far more likely to resonate with your brand. We all know that the build up to Christmas can be pretty hectic, so if your campaign relates to this, you’re far more likely to stand out from the competition.

Talk about everyday issues like ‘shopping for people you don’t really know’, ‘how to do Christmas on a budget’ or ‘Ideas for kids under five.’ Show consumers how your product or service can solve these type problems and you should see an increase in conversions.


Think social

When planning a digital campaign, it’s paramount that you have a strategy for executing it across your social media channels. Some of the best ever Christmas campaigns have produced stellar social media content which set them head and shoulders apart. Think John Lewis’ #montythepenguin, Coca Cola’s #holidaysarecoming and Sainsbury’s #christmasisforsharing. Not only did they have popular TV ads, they also had hashtags that went (and still go) viral.

Get the social side of things nailed and you will really reap the rewards. When you put this part of the strategy together, think about using emotive content that people can relate to as this is often the most shared type of post. It’s not hard to do at such an emotional time of year, just take some time to think how best to share your story.


Get your analytics nailed down

This is probably an obvious one if you’re used to managing a website but it can be surprisingly overlooked. When running a digital campaign it’s vital to know where the traffic is coming from so you can understand what’s working. That way you can act quickly and adapt your campaign, making sure you’re concentrating on the most effective channels.

Keeping a regular eye on your dashboard will also help you to gauge the effectiveness of any Google Ad campaigns you’re running. This will allow you to drill down by time, location and keywords so you can constantly adapt the ads to ensure you’re making the best possible ROI.


Make customer service your strong point

You know the feeling when you’re frantically clicking through sites, looking at delivery times and options to ensure everything arrives before the 25th. It’s hectic and in a panicked situation, consumers want to know that businesses are on their side.

If you can demonstrate this in your campaign then you could be onto a winner. Think convenience, fast delivery, free returns. They’re all buzzwords that consumers want to see when Christmas shopping. They put their trust in you as a business so be sure to show them that it’s your priority to look after them. Provide clear contact details and reassurance that you’re there to help.


Make your artwork stand out

Ok, so this is no mean feat at Christmas. Brands are all striving for that wow factor with equally dazzling campaigns. Coming up with a design that stands out above all the noise has to be well thought out.

With any digital campaign, less is more when it comes to text. People don’t have time to scour through an essay on your seasonal sales promotions – especially not at this time of year. Think bold, clear typography with a simple yet effective message. The same should go for imagery and animation. People don’t go for cheesy stock images anymore (yes even at Christmas) so make sure you’re selective when curating them.


Focus on your USP

Again, if you want to shine amongst the insurmountable competition at Christmas, you need a clear usp. No matter what it is, make sure you let your audience know as it will give them the added reason they need to go with you.

You may want to refresh it a little, linking it more with the festive season. To do so, start by mapping out your target audience, using buyer personas is a great way to fully understand individual needs. Once you have this, hone in on your competitive advantage and the reason your audience would chose you. Then make sure you communicate this in a clear way throughout your comms.


Create a sense of urgency

This age old marketing tactic has remained a go to method for many because it works. Tapping into human psychology can be extremely powerful when it comes to marketing. One case study showed that incorporating urgency into a marketing campaign boosted sales by a staggering 332%.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate urgency into your campaign – some more discrete than others. Scarcity is one of the most powerful forms of urgency. Making people believe there is only one or two items left implores them to make a snap decision to ensure they don’t miss out. There are plenty of other ways you foster a sense of urgency, here’s a handy article to help.


To sum up

Creating a stand out digital campaign be an excellent lead generation exercise and lead to those all important conversions. If you invest the right amount of time to strategise and plan, you will reap the rewards. Just remember to keep your USP and be agile to ensure you garner the channels that work for you.
If you’d like to learn more about creating this type of campaign then we’d be happy to help. Give us a call on 01925 291 353 or visit our contact page.

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