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Pixeltree Media is a team of digital enthusiasts who are professionals in experience design and are as passionate about your business as you are! As an experience design agency, we help organisations create exceptional digital experiences that elevate their business to a whole new level. We use meticulous research that has been tested with your target audience to tailor our comprehensive strategies. 

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User Experience Workshops & Design Sprints

Our incomparable user experience workshops and design sprints help transform the traditional approach to building websites, apps and digital products. By improving efficiency and cutting out the ‘busy work’, we turn months of unstructured, ineffective processes into intense short cycles of strategy, prototyping, design and testing. By reducing the endless meetings and offering a personal service through our design sprint workshops, we are able to design and ship digital products faster than ever before.

How Can Our User Experience Agency Help Your Business?

We provide you with unparalleled customer insight with our UX research and strategy. Our experienced team takes the time to immerse themselves in your business whilst our UX team conduct user research, interview stakeholders and analyse the competition. This means that every step we take is based on an in-depth understanding of your business and this only delivers the best results for you.

Our UX team creates exceptional customer experiences which help to set you apart from your competitors. We adopt a human-centred approach to user experience design by involving users as early as possible in the product life cycle. Our UX team are well-versed in a range of applications from front end website design through to native apps or multi-platform customer experiences.

Our methodology reduces risks, which results in better products and a faster product launch than ever before.

Our design sprint and product sprint services provide an antidote to the traditionally painful website, app or digital product design cycle. By combining many of our experience design services, we are able to take companies from idea through to fully validated interactive prototype, so that they are ready for development in as little as 6 weeks!

Waiting until launch day to receive feedback on your app, website or digital product is a huge risk that Pixeltree Media would not advise you to take. By placing interactive prototypes into the hands of your customers as early as possible, you can validate your ideas or identify areas for improvement prior to product launch.

As a user experience design agency we understand the importance of this, therefore we frequently conduct user testing throughout the duration of our projects to assure success from the get go.

Once your website, app or digital product is live, it's imperative to maximise your return on investment. We work collaboratively in partnership with clients to monitor, measure, test and optimise your product to squeeze conversions, drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction and further enhance your customers experience.

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Our Partners

Through our user experience services and workshops we have established long lasting digital partnerships with a range of organisations. Ranging from startup’s wanting to scale fast to multi-nationals who desire world leading digital experiences. Take a look at some of our partnerships below.

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User Experience FAQs:

Designing within a single discipline is no longer good enough. To create truly exceptional customer experiences requires experience design across a range of interactions and touch points. At PixelTree, we establish lasting digital partnerships to ensure we’re with you at every step along that journey.

Experience design is important because it helps spark user engagement, increases the likelihood of conversion and improves user retention. By creating a memorable experience, truly useful product or even providing incomparable knowledge, your customer is more likely to return. Pixeltree Media helps businesses to improve their experience design and provide memorable experiences or products to their customers.