Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences Through UX Design.

Tackle new markets and pinpoint new opportunities through UX Design. We deliver a product design process that empathises and connects with your users in a truly symbiotic way.

UX Design has the power to transform your business, let us show you how!

In a period that’s seen the acceleration of the ‘digital revolution’, simply showing up online is no longer enough. Customers expect visually appealing digital products which are intuitive to use and easy to navigate in a matter of seconds.

PixelTree undertakes a process of Customer-focused UX Design to deliver the experiences your customers expect. We remove the guesswork by involving your customers from the outset and remove any risk through careful research, prototyping and user testing.

Here's a flavour of the processes we use to deliver the exceptional…

We love to kick off projects with a workshop. They are by far the most productive and time efficient way to help to solve big business problems quickly. If you’ve ever had a project stall due to ‘design by committee’, or stakeholders who simply can’t agree on a direction, then you’ll love workshops as much as we do. They’re the perfect remedy for alignment challenges.

Research is pivotal for understanding customer pain points or to help provide direction on product fit/strategy. By engaging with your customers from the offset we're able to better understand their needs and to formulate design decisions based on real world data, not opinion.

An intensive, week long process which utilises many of the tools listed here. It's a great way to tackle big challenges, rapidly solve problems, and produce solutions which can be tested with real users in a very short space of time. Running a Design Sprint helps reduce risk, gain clarity and move a project forward with confidence.

There’s no better way to gain feedback than placing your prototype into the hands of your users.
This way, you're able to gain invaluable insight into how they use and interact with your product, and reduce the risk of your product falling flat when it goes to market.

Since we started working with PixelTree just over a year ago, their technical, creative and friendly approach has made the team an absolute pleasure to work with. In this time we have made many successful online developments and are now working together to launch a new and improved website
What UX Design Projects can we deliver?

Let us build your app intuitively with your customers’ needs and behaviours in mind.

Increase your company’s productivity with a CRM system that is easy to use and seamlessly works towards your business goals.

Deliver the online experiences that your customers deserve with a website that is built to meet their needs and expectations. Drive sales, encourage enquiries and covert business online with an experience that will leave your competitors behind.

Provide your customers with ability to purchase your products or services online. Providing a best in class user experience is pivotal to maximising market share and ensuring your customers continue to spend with you time and time again.

Our experienced team can review your website, app, or digital product to see how your customers are interacting with them, and determine how they can be improved. View our UX Audit service here

Our design prototypes take the risk out of launching a new digital product. After thorough research, our prototypes are tested on your customers and target audience to identify any problems and determine its suitability.

In a post Covid world providing customers with a the ability to engage or interact with your business and others is crucial.

Recent UX Design Projects

A beautiful customer experience platform

UX-led website build for a software specialist.

Let’s Get Started…

If you have an existing app, website, E-Commerce store or digital product then we’d love to kick things off with a UX Audit. Let our experts take a look under the hood and evaluate your current user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a website that connects with your target market, then a UX design agency can definitely help! UX Design is at the heart of everything we do regardless of business sector, vertical, or project type. We apply the same principles to every project that we work on, from website design through to app or enterprise software design.

We get asked this question a lot, and it’s no wonder; there’s lots of very proficient Experience Design Agencies throughout the North West of England. But what makes PixelTree different?

Our commitment to customer-focused design is certainly something which helps us to stand out. We love engaging with your target demographic or existing customers to inform design decisions and strategy. Ultimately, this will help us to produce better quality products which hit the spot from the day they launch.

We also utilise our Design Sprint methodology and have adapted it to take customers from an initial idea through to a fully designed and tested prototype in 6 weeks. The process encompasses UX research, Workshops, UX Design and User Testing in highly efficient manner resulting in better products, faster!

Our pricing is typically formulated based on the scope, timeline and deliverables you need, along with the required member of the PixelTree team. Where possible we try to package our services such as UX Audits, Design Sprints, and Product Sprints with prices starting from as little as £2,500.

Absolutely! We're well versed in partnering with companies to extend or compliment their own teams. Our PixelTree One service is designed for exactly this purpose and helps companies extend their existing UX/Design team, or provides an outsourced UX team for those who don't need a full time team.

We love working with Startups and SMEs that are driven to invest in digital and understand the value that UX design brings to their company. There's nothing better than seeing companies grow having worked with us from the get go.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your UX Design requirements. Alternatively, request a UX Audit and let our experts cast an eye over your digital products to evaluate your current user experience.