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Our 4 day ‘design sprint’ process provides an antidote to the traditionally painful website, app or digital product design process.

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Our Design Sprint Service

At PixelTree, we recognise that you are searching for a Design Sprint agency that values your project as much as you do. That is why we go the extra mile with our Design Sprint service to help alleviate any queries, concerns or design flaws relating to your product before fully launching it.

By using our expertise in experience design, technology and customer research we help you to trial your product and identify necessary changes that may be required for its success.

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What is a Design Sprint?

Design Sprints aim to empower teams and overcome indecision by condensing months of problem recognition, ideation, prototyping and testing into just one week. 

By working at pace to gather and incorporate user feedback earlier in the process, product, marketing and design teams can feel confident that they’re customer-centric and on the right track before spending a penny on development.

During our personalised 4-day design sprint we will fundamentally change how you and your team approach meetings going forward, tapping into the tools and techniques to gather new ideas, test concepts and utilise user feedback to make data-backed decisions. 

The value added from using a design sprint service is endless, with sprints now being used by some of the world’s biggest and brightest companies.

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What you get from us

Eye opening workshop

One week design sprint 2.0 process

High fidelity prototype

Targeted user validation

User test video highlights

Executive summary PDF

Access to original design files

Project handover

So what does a Sprint look like?

Day 1:

Define > Ideate > Solve

The first day of the Sprint process is all about defining problems, mapping journeys and sketching solutions. We’ll be defining the fundamental challenges that your product’s users face and identify the questions we need to answer during the Design Sprint. 

Day 2:

Decide & Storyboard

We start day two with a heap of solutions which we’ll begin to filter and refine to give us the best possible chance of success. Once this has been decided, we move forward to create a storyboard giving us a visual representation of every step needed to be produced in our testable prototype.

Day 3:

Design, Build & Prototype

Creating a high fidelity, believable prototype is the sole purpose of day 3. Our UX team will use the storyboard from day 2 and their expertise to turn rough hand drawn concepts into a beautifully designed prototype. This can then be placed in the hands of real users on day 4 for testing!

Day 4:

Test & Analyse

Day 4 see’s all the hard work come to fruition. We place the prototype in the hands of your target demographic and set about asking them a series of questions to put your solution to the test. We synthesise all the feedback and provide it to you in a PDF report format which you can utilise in your decision making moving forward.

Start your design sprint process today, to make all the difference to your product launch.

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Design Sprint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Businesses of any size that are looking to test new concepts, trial new products and features, and ultimately, get vital feedback early in the product development cycle.

How our products and services are designed is of paramount importance to their success. Whether it is a new banking app, the delivery of physical products, or queue management at an airport, the implementation of these processes matters.

In a long-winded way, what we are trying to say is that a design sprint can be beneficial for anyone who is looking to improve their product offering. As an agency, we have run design sprints for fintech apps, startups, public bodies, and government departments, and have seen them applied successfully in every industry.

If your headquarters has a quiet meeting room you can knuckle down in for a week, we’ll travel to you with all equipment needed! Alternatively, we offer to run Design Sprints from our own offices in Chester and Manchester.

For teams that are spread across different time zones or don’t have a formal office, we also offer Remote Design Sprints, delivering the speed and progress of an in-person sprint, anywhere, anytime.

Your Sprint team should ideally be comprised of circa 7-10 people from multi-disciplinary teams from within your organisation (Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Customer Support, Design, Development etc). The crucial part is that your team is made up of experts from all relevant departments who can represent their users, understand their challenges and are familiar with existing processes in order to generate solutions that work for everyone.

You must also allocate a Decider, someone who will make the final decision on your targeted problem, the chosen solution and other big moments. This is ideally someone responsible for the project (a Product Manager, Product Owner or CEO).

If your company outsources your content and product development do not fear. We are an agency that has both in-house designers and copywriters that will work with you throughout your design sprint.

Once we’ve decided on a location, you’ll need to secure commitment from your chosen experts and ensure they’re available for the sprint, assign someone the role of The Decider (the person who will have final say) and bring all of your enthusiasm and energy to the sprint week!

We’ll do the heavy-lifting in recruiting users from your existing customer base or look to recruit user testing participants who match your target demographic.

We’ll line participants up prior to the sprint commencing to ensure a smooth transition from prototype design on day 3 to testing on day 4 ensuring feedback is received in a timely manner.

The design sprint is a tried and tested process that’s been used by hundreds of companies all over the world. It facilitates collaborative thinking to extract, identify and define the core challenges that your business faces before moving into generating solutions that can be validated and tested. Through various workshop exercises you’ll be guided through the process of establishing concepts and ideas, refining them before reviewing together, combining the very best into a tangible solution(s).

Bad ideas aren’t always bad! In any case, only your users can determine whether or not your ideas are bad, however, glaringly awful ideas tend to be eliminated quickly during sprints.

It is important to know what not to do in your next solution if your users did not like your prototype. Ultimately, having built a prototype or prototype feature within 4 days that your users hate is better than spending a lot of money on an expensive product in a drawn out six-month process. So, in this sense, bad ideas are good ideas.

What Happens After a Design Sprint?

As an agency that specialises in making everything pixel-perfect, we know 4 full throttle days of a design sprint give you a concept but not always a development ready solution.

Enter the Product Sprint, a 6 week process of refining and finalising your design ready for development.

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