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Our remote design sprint service is a rapid approach to designing customer-focused, research validated websites, apps and digital products in as little as 4 days. Now just a video call away.

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Our Remote Design Sprint Service

Are you looking for a method of testing the potential of your product before launch? Do you need some inspiration for a fresh design process? Enter our remote design sprint service. We condense ideation, decision-making, prototyping and testing from a multi-month marathon, to a 4-day dash. 

What’s more, you don’t even need to visit us face-to-face! At PixelTree, we appreciate that remote design sprints may save you time and money so we ensure that our service is just as impactful as our face-to-face Design Sprint.

Why use a Remote Design Sprint? 

Remote design sprints are an effective way of having interactive design prototypes tested by real users so that you can gauge your target audience’s response and fix any issues before your product launch. This can help to significantly improve the chance of your product’s success. 

By the end of the sprint you’ll have your interactive design prototype tested by real users, design files, user test videos, an executive summary and clear next steps. This may be a handover to your own development team, or execution of the full design through our Product Sprint process. 

Here’s why you should use our remote design sprint service:

  • Greater chance of launching a product, app, feature or experience users love
  • Aligns your team towards one long term goal and shared direction 
  • Reduces costs of projects overrunning through meetings and back-and-forth
  • Builds prototypes that are tried and tested on your audience fast 
  • No money wasted on development for unproven concepts 
  • You can deliver the same results regardless of location or WFH policy 

The Remote Design Sprint is used by some of the biggest and best companies around the world


What is Included in our Remote Design Sprint Service?

Exploratory remote sprint workshop

One week design sprint 2.0 process (4 days)

A high-fidelity interactive prototype

Validation testing with your target market

User test video highlights

Executive summary PDF of testing outcomes

Access to original design files

Project handover

What does a Remote Design Sprint look like?

Day 1

Define > Ideate > Solve

We’ll kick off the first day of a Remote Design Sprint with problem definition, journey mapping, and by beginning to sketch solutions (no prior drawing experience needed!). Join PixelTree virtually over Miro as we workshop through defining fundamental user challenges and identifying the problems we can solve in the week.

Day 2

Decide & storyboard

Day two is all about filtering and refining our solutions from Monday to give us the best possible chance of success. This includes categorising our solutions and voting on the direction we want to go in. Once this has been decided we craft a storyboard detailing every step needed to be produced in our testable prototype!

Day 3

Design, Build & Prototype

Creating a realistic high-fidelity prototype is the sole purpose of day 3! Take a back seat as our expert UX team harness the storyboard from Tuesday and work their magic, transforming wireframe concepts into an interactive MVP prototype which will be placed in the hands of real users the next day! 

Day 4

Test & Analyse

Day 4 sees all the hard work come to fruition. We place the interactive product prototype in the hands of your target demographic and set about asking them a series of questions to put our solution to the test. We synthesise all the feedback and provide it to you in a PDF report format with video highlights of their interviews. 

What We Require From You

In order to make the remote design sprint service as successful as possible, we do require some things from you.

Project leader or MD and a mixed team of your experts

Challenge or idea

Good internet connection, sound and cameras enabled

Only 2 days of your time

Remote Design Sprint FAQs

As an agency, we love remote design sprints because of their flexibility. Teams who may not work geographically close, be without a formal office space, or have vital team members working from home will all benefit from a virtual workshop.

Not at all! We just need you to have a good WiFi connection, a mic, and a camera. We'll share links to the video conferencing tool (Zoom, Teams etc.), virtual whiteboard (Miro) and prototyping (Figma/XD) as we go.

Typically, 7-10 is the sweet spot. Too few and you miss out on valuable insights, too many and you spend a lot of time repeating points. If you have others who have specific insights, we can draft them in to add notes and look over the journey map at a set interval, but they won't be part of the process throughout.

The experts in your organisation around the challenges you want to look at. This can include drawing insights from upper-level management including senior customer service, marketing, sales, software engineers and designers to tackle the problem together. We've even recommended in some instances that the CEO take part!

We highly recommend not! A sprint needs a team to all be working together to drive the project forward. We build breaks into sprint days to account for phone checking and emails, but we need 100% focus on the task while in the workshop to deliver the results you deserve.

Sprints can help organisations reach hyper speed on solutions through finely targeted focus on a single issue. For broader issues or complete 'ground up' product design, this may require additional sprint weeks to give full attention to all challenges you’re looking to tackle.

Remote design sprints would be quite difficult to do by yourself as they typically involve a team of experts such as customer experts, process experts, technology experts. To read more about who should be involved in a design sprint team, be sure to take a look at our blog post.

A remote design sprint is designed to be a fast-paced design process. It only takes 4 days. To learn more about the design sprint process click here and read our informative blog detailing each step of the design sprint.

Let’s see what we can achieve together in just 4 days!

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