UX Audit – Growth through insights

Giving you unparalleled insights into how customers use, feel about and interact with your product.

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Experience Matters

Experience matters in every kind of business, both online and offline. It’s the reason bars serve drinks in clean glasses and why customer service staff are trained to smile. The experience we have with a business impacts how likely we are to spend money with them and whether we’re likely to return.

So just how do customers rate their interaction and how do they find their experience?
If you’ve noticed any of the following then it’s probably time to consider a UX Audit; 

  • Your website is dated 
  • You’re in the early stages of a website/product redesign
  • Your bounce rate is unusually high.
  • Your website or product conversions are low.
  • Sales through your website/product have gone either flat or worse still, have started to fall.
  • You launched an MVP but require a second opinion on usability or the general User Experience.
Here's what you can expect...

We’ll speak with your business’ key stakeholders to define success and determine what your business goals are. We need to understand what you want to achieve from a UX audit before we begin

We’ll conduct both qualitative and quantitative research to determine what your users’ pain points and frustrations are to gain insight into your website’s design and functionality from their perspective

Here we’ll begin to look at your website’s functionality from our expert perspective. We’ll look at how user-friendly it is based on a set of predetermined heuristics or guidelines

We’ll use a number of website analytics tools including Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, HotJar and Crazy Egg to determine any usability issues not yet addressed. This provides the understanding on how users navigate your website from a data perspective

Based on all of our research, we’ll outline some top level design improvements that we think will benefit your website or app's UX. We'll even include a working high fidelity prototype to help you demonstrate the changes to your team.


Core UX Audit

A UX Audit conducted by a team with over 25 years industry experience. We'll conduct Stakeholder research along with an heuristic evaluation summarised into an easy to understand PDF report.

Intermediate UX Audit (Most Popular)

You'll receive everything listed in our Core package with the inclusion of data & analytics reviews and documented design improvements presented in a working prototype.

Advanced UX Audit

Includes everything from our Core & Intermediate packages with the addition of qualitative and quantitive user research. This provides us with valuable insights directly from your audience.
An amazing piece of work with some extremely useful information.

Ready to get started?

If you have an existing app, website, E-Commerce store or digital product then we’d love to kick things off with a UX Audit. Let our experts take a look under the hood and evaluate your current user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have hopefully provided enough information on the web page above to give you a general oversight. If you'd like more detail you can read a full deep dive on our insights page here.

By uncovering usability issues coupled with reviewing core user journeys & data, we're able to improve the overall User Experience of your App/Website/Digital Product. Customers are far more likely to buy from, enquire, engage with or stay longer with companies when they enjoy the experience and when performing tasks is simple and effortless. Forbes recently released a report in partnership with Forresters which suggested that for every £1 spend you could expect up to £100 in return (9900% ROI)

Typically the time required from you and your colleagues is fairly minimal. We require a short 1-2 hour call or meeting early on in the process to conduct stakeholder interviews. This is essentially to understand your business goals and what your website or digital product has been setup to achieve.

Once we’ve conducted the audit and collected all of the research, it’s time to bring it all together in a structured manner that you can understand. At PixelTree, our UX audits are presented in a Report Deck format. We’ll collate all of the findings along with access to your survey data and user interview records.

Most importantly though, it’s pivotal that you understand the findings and the actions that need to be taken in order to improve. Our interactive prototypes are a great way to demonstrate the suggested changes internally or to your development partners/teams.

This really depends on the size of your product. If there are lots of screens then we'll struggle to cover them all. We typically split out core user journeys (i.e the routes your customers take which are most valuable to you) and prioritise them to effectively maximise your return on investment.

You can request a free one hour audit call by filling out the form which is accessible at the top and bottom of this page!