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A 5-week process taking you from idea to complete product design with research, user testing and validation built in.

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Our Product Design Sprint Service

At PixelTree, we deliver effective Design Sprints that give you the customer insights you need, fast. But that’s not all.

Whether it’s a website, a new app or a new booking system, Pixeltree has the only product design sprint service you need to go from minimum viable product to a completely customer approved design.

What Is a Product Sprint?

The Design Sprint is undeniably a fantastic way to kick start a project or rapidly unify a team with conflicting opinions, viewpoints or priorities. But with the completion of every successful design sprint, we started to better understand how we could go about improving the process and drive better outcomes for clients. We were often asked to iterate prototypes or to take projects through to complete UX / UI design. As a result, we created the PixelTree Product Sprint.

By using the same problem-solving methodology over 6 weeks, we’re able to design an entire product, be that website, portal, hub or app. This builds in UX research, iteration and user testing at every phase to ensure the resulting product design is fully validated, reducing risk whilst taking you to market faster than ever before!

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What is Included in Our Product Design Sprint Service?

Our product design sprint service provides so much more than just a well-designed product. Read below to find out more about the key aspects of this service.

What you get from us

UX Research

Fully Interactive Prototype

Iteration Sprint

Entire Product Design

User Persona Documents

Design Amends

User Test Video Highlights

Targeted User Validation

Executive Summary PDF

Developer Ready Files

Project Handover Meeting

Developer Liaison Meeting

What Does Our Product Design Sprint Look Like?

Week 0

UX Research

Pivotal research helps you to reduce risk and launch a product that is right the first time! UX research is one of the most important steps in the product sprint process, because it provides you with unparalleled customer insight through user and stakeholder interviews, surveys and competitor analysis.

Week 1

Design Sprint

We run our first Design Sprint. We discover the problems your product needs to overcome. We align participants across your organisation to discover the issues plaguing your users, and ideate and vote on the best solution(s). We then produce a high-fidelity prototype that is tested by real users within your demographic.

Week 2

Iteration Sprint

After gathering feedback from the user tests conducted in week 1 of the product sprint, this week we will analyse it. The data gives us vital insights and allows us to understand what does and doesn’t work, enabling us to revise the interface and journey flow for retesting.

Week 3 & 4

UX/UI Sprint

Having used two sprints to validate the MVP prototype, in weeks 3 and 4 we use the Sprint methodology to design and prototype the remaining pages of your digital experience. 

This provides you with a full set of UX design visuals which can be presented for funding or passed to development for the full-scale build.

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Product Design Sprint FAQs

PixelTree's Product Sprint process lasts 5 weeks, spanning user research and persona development to full design creation and handover. This includes an initial design sprint, a week of iteration based on feedback, and follow up sprints for refining the user experience.

It will take 5 weeks but we only need four days of your time for both the initial product design sprint and its follow up week. The PixelTree team will take care of the rest!

A Design Sprint is typically a one-week journey for identifying the problems you need to overcome, the creation of solutions, prototyping and user testing. This usually only covers the core concept or MVP, so if you're a ticketing website, you'd build the ticket ordering features for events you may have, nothing else.

A product sprint however employs the same methodology but for the entire website, app or feature. This includes delivering user research, an opening core concept design sprint, an iterative sprint to embed user feedback, 2 additional UX focused sprints conducted by our team, and handover of all files and data gathered. It's full end-to-end research and design.

A product sprint works best for companies that are looking to turbocharge their design process while also embedding customer insights and data into the end concept.

So whether your goal is to gauge customer sentiment early, build out your product design with UX best practices in mind, or even just have a world class team of designers to support your launch, our agency has got you covered.

If your team has headquarters with quiet spaces or meeting rooms suitable for your team size, the PixelTree team will come to you with all the equipment at the ready! As an agency based in the North West, we also have offices in both Chester and Manchester where your team of experts can join us for a few days of intense product design.