Save time and improve efficiency!

Over the last couple of weeks Covid-19 has had a huge impact on many businesses, large and small, throughout the world. Thanks to interventions by Governments, companies have been given the opportunity to ‘Furlough’ staff meaning employees are retained on a companies payroll but stood down due to lack of work. Companies forced to close by the pandemic have often chosen to furlough their entire workforce but for many serviced based companies this option simply isn’t viable.

UX and digital teams may have recently seen their head count drop, maybe significantly, and are now under pressure to deliver deadlines and handle workloads with fewer staff than before. It’s therefore imperative that each team member works as efficiently as possible in order to help the company survive this crisis. Over the last few weeks we’ve switched all our in person workshops and meetings for remote alternatives, saving us hours which may have previously been spent on unnecessary discussions via Zoom / Slack / Hangouts.

We’ve been using Miro, our personal favourite, to complete these remote sprints or workshops and cannot recommend them highly enough. By swapping post-its for pixels we’re able to quickly collaborate, decide and move forward without the need for endless discussions!

Check them out and if you’d like any help setting them up… you just have to ask!