Pixeltree and Le Faire team up to bridge the gap between product and audience

Meet Michele Liew, the visionary force behind Le Faire golf apparel.  

A leading golf biomechanics and injury specialist, Michele’s journey from being a competitive golfer to working alongside the University of Florida’s NCAA Division 1 Golf team revealed a huge gap in the market for young female golfers. 

Drawing on her experiences and expertise, Michele founded Le Faire to address the scarcity of performance-driven, stylish golf clothing designed specifically for girls. 

Her approach wasn’t just about the materials that went into production, but about putting her years of biomechanics expertise into each garment so each item was engineered to perfection.  

When Michele shared her story with us, we loved her hands-on approach to solving a big problem.  

She didn’t just create garments and take orders; she engaged her best young players for testing her apparel on the course. The result? A timeless collection comprised of different layers to mix and match in different conditions, instilling confidence, strength, and poise in the next generation of female golfers, no matter the weather.

Her dedication to human-centred design and continuous improvement mirrors our values at Pixeltree. Michele’s quest for the perfect biomechanical fit aligns seamlessly with our commitment to crafting compelling digital experiences users love. 

Le Faire’s Challenge 

With an exceptional product and their digital infrastructure up and running, Le Faire asked themselves how they can gather more unbiased user feedback from both players and their key decision makers (the parents) to better tailor marketing campaigns and increase orders.

Challenge Background 

Michele faced a significant hurdle on her journey – the challenge of marketing her groundbreaking apparel. Despite creating a brand, launching a Shopify store, and garnering brand ambassadors, Michele hesitated to pull the trigger on marketing.

She sensed that something wasn’t quite ready. Le Faire had all the elements in place – a unique product, a compelling brand story, and a dedicated founder – yet the anticipated sales were elusive.  

Recognising this challenge, Michele reached out to us at Pixeltree to bridge the gap between her exceptional product and the audience eagerly awaiting it.  

To do this, more unfiltered user research would be needed to help refine their digital presence and communicate what sets Le Faire apart. We will need to expand on the intimate knowledge Le Faire has on their two core audiences:

The Young Golfers: 

Although Michele was gathering feedback directly from golfers themselves, as experts often find, being too close to your audience can be a disadvantage. 

Bottom line, the close proximity to users made it challenging to get unbiased feedback (think how family and friends may tell you what you want to hear or not be critical). 

The possibility of censored feedback ultimately cast doubt on how valuable the insights were, a big issue when the brand was using this feedback to adapt products and make decisions on how they marketed themselves.


Another critical audience are the parents themselves. As the ultimate decision maker from the financial point of view, finding the best way of communicating Le Faire’s brand values and value proposition would be critical to increasing orders. 

This means getting stuck into what truly motivates parents to buy specific golfing apparel and being able to use data to best inform marketing copy and site communications.  

In collaboration with Michele’s team, we will bridge this gap, leveraging our expertise to facilitate a candid and unbiased dialogue with their audience. 

Our Approach – Gathering and Actioning Real Insights 

To uncover the insights Le Faire needs to drive future decisions, we’ve laid out a roadmap of:

Focus Groups: 

Our first task will be to gather fresh user insights from parents, delving into the core factors influencing their purchasing decisions.  

Beyond the conventional ‘why,’ we’ll dig into their experience with other brands, how their child’s opinion shapes their own, financial considerations and more to shape Le Faire’s understanding of their audience.  

Using an open discussion format, the platform will be designed to give parents the room to speak freely and unfiltered.  

Post focus group, we’ll regroup with Michele and the Le Faire team to review these findings, ensuring a shared understanding of the characteristics and nuances that make up their audience.

Team Workshops: 

Our journey will extend to using these insights to inform brand and content messaging. Through workshops, we’ll recap the key learnings, formulate ‘How Might We’ questions to address new challenges, create journey maps to visualise the customer experience, and conduct lightning demos to evaluate and refine concepts.


As we move into the design phase, our focus will turn to: 

  • Optimising the store layout  
  • Presenting the brand and messaging cohesively 
  • Crafting a seamless journey for ordering 
  • Prioritising site content strategically for the best customer experience  

Working with Le Faire, we aim to create an engaging and frictionless experience for parents and aspiring golfers, aligning every element of design with the company’s belief in performance, style, and empowering the next generation of female golfers.

Michele Liew, Founder of Le Faire

“We’re looking forward to working with Dan, James & the team at Pixetree as they took the time and effort to truly understand our vision and mission. We’re excited to take the next step of our journey with them, figuring out the right solution along the way. I’d highly recommend them to help you get your product ready for the market!”

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