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Pixeltree Media is an experienced UX design agency in Chester, located in Boughton. Our skilled team offers a variety of services relating to experience design and web development to help clients improve their digital products. Are you looking to improve your conversion rate on your website? Or, are you interested in creating new features for your website? PixelTree Media is the UX design agency that can support you with exactly that.

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PixelTree Media’s Chester Office

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Pixeltree Media
One St Peter's Square
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01925 291353

Why choose PixelTree as your UX agency?

We are a group of UX Design professionals who have worked with a wide range of clients to deliver excellent user experience. Not only that, we also offer services including Web Design and Product Sprints to help you launch your new digital products with a higher chance of success. To receive a free audit and learn how we can support you in upgrading your UX design, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Check out our range of customer-focused UX services:

Solve massive product problems in as little as 5 days with our in-person Design Sprint workshops! Design Sprints are perfect for addressing major bugs, prototyping new features and gathering user research before you spend a penny on development. Find out more on our Design Sprints page.

Don't have the space or have a team spread across different continents? Introducing our Remote Design Sprint! Complete with all the benefits of a 5 day sprint, collaborate as a team and tackle the pressing issues your website or app faces through our digital workshop. Find out more on our Remote Design Sprints page.

Partner with our expert team of design specialists to build the experiences your customers are craving. By embedding UX best practice and our experience working with big brands in fitness, retail and AR engineering, we deliver websites, apps and portals that meet you and your customers goals. Find out more on our UX Design page.

Metrics not what you want them to be? Sometimes certain content layouts and button placements aren't ideal for maximising clicks. This is where PixelTree's range of UX audits come in, helping designers, marketing teams and entrepreneurs identify the pain points your customers are experiencing and delivering actionable insights and recommendations. Find out more on our UX Audit page.

Serious about solving existing problems with your digital product or want to bring a new feature in fast? An evolution of the Design Sprint, Product Sprints further refine MVP concepts and integrate user feedback at multiple stages to deliver pixel-perfect design templates that put the user first. Find out more on our Product Sprints page.

Got a concept you'd like to put online or in the app store? PixelTree's team of development experts are skilled in delivering high spec websites and mobile applications designed to wow your users. This can be picking up design templates you have already crafted or start from the ground up with our UX team to help you every step of the way. Find out more on our Web Design page.

Creating conversions isn't easy and there are plenty of reasons why people may not add to cart or download that e-book. Whether this is because landing pages aren't eye-catching or button placements aren't optimal, our Conversion Rate Optimisation service can deliver insights on where and why users are tuning out, help you focus on the points that matter to your users. Find out more on our CRO page.

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