What Are Customer Personas?

Are you a new business and have a target customer in mind? Or are you a growing business and your audience has become more defined?

Well, what does your customer exactly do for a living? How much money do they make and how far up on the social ladder are they? These questions may seem irrelevant to answer, but a customer persona can help you make smarter business decisions in the future.

What is a customer persona?

A customer persona is a fictional character that you construct and develop based on demographics, behaviors, and motives to represent your company’s typical customers. You can also create a customer persona of your ideal customer to help you shape your brand and strategy.

An effective customer persona can assist you to better navigate and prioritise decisions inside your organisation. This is accomplished by addressing the most pressing needs of your potential customer, as well as considering their lifestyle, habits, demographics, and aspirations.

Building this persona, and the characteristics that go alongside it can help your business take off, help you manage a big business move, or keep you on track if you lose focus. It’s also a great tool when building a brand or when introducing new products and services.

Why are customer personas important?

The significance of a customer persona is emphasised because of its impact on the business. Bringing a customer persona to the foreground of operations gives a focus, not just the business, but also to the team within an organisation.

A customer persona is vital for understanding your customer base, especially if your business is reliant on its brand. The persona helps you to make decisions based on the needs, thoughts, desires, and touchpoints of your target customer. Without it, you’re essentially flying blind, and are likely to make costly mistakes.

Additional reasons why customer personas are important

  • Keep up and adapt to changing customer preferences.
  • High-quality ideas can be generated
  • Increase the number of clients or sales
  • Create new products and services in a strategic manner
  • Understand buying decisions
  • Understand the customer journey

How do you create a customer persona?

It’s quite difficult to create a persona from scratch, to be effective, you must have a very detailed outline of your ideal customer. However, not to worry we will help you start the process.  To begin, all you need is a fundamental grasp of the type of individual who is relevant to your business and interested in your services or products, and then you can expand on that.

What you can include in a customer persona:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Education level
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Geography
  • Hobbies
  • Social status
  • Habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Values
  • Aspirations

These snippets of information will help you construct your character from the ground up, and you’ll be able to see how your service or products will satisfy the needs of your clients as you discover buying habits.

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